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Operations Manager

Tony & Haydee Rodriguez

Our Philosophy and Principals:

At Ignyte Performing Arts Learning Center, our philosophy guides our actions at all time.

Simply stated, we believe:

  • Every child is different, and needs to be loved for who they are.
  • Children learn best in a project based learning environment.

  • Small groups, where they have access to technology, top notch educators and instructors, and an all-integrating the arts, music, dance, Spanish, health and wellness.
  • Children grow and thrive when they are involved in dance & learning on a daily basis. We believe that with daily re-enforcements of love, we will add to the acceptance of self, build confidence while raising each child into the future leaders of tomorrow.
  • Children will achieve great things when they are in a safe and secure environment, where they can feel free to be themselves.

Ignyte Performing Arts proudly presents our K-5 2019-2020 Teacher Staff

 Ariana Herrera
Ariana Herrera
Awared a B.S. in Early Childhood Administration
From Purdue University Global
D.C.F. Certified
V.P.K Teacher for the 2018-2019 School Year
Rebecca Torres
Rebecca Torres
From St. John’s University
8 Years V.P.K, 8 Years B.O.C.E.S
Special Education in N.Y.C.,
8 Years E.S.O.L.,
Specialty & Classroom Teacher for Osceola District,
D.C.F. Certified with V.P.K. Director’s Credential.

Business Management Degree

Able to demonstrate an understanding of markets, finance, managing people, operations, information systems, policy and strategy.

Small Business Degree

Working for a small business to keep track of finances and to make sure the company is making a profit and not a loss. Also I have a background in finances or accounting.

Marketing Degree

Role in advertising, brand management, digital marketing, e-mail marketing, international marketing, e-marketing, mobile marketing, print advertising, and social media marketing skills. | | | |