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Dance & Instruments Information

Tuition Packages

Based on a monthly plan,  immediate siblings have the option to split up their plan.

For example:  (If you choose 4 classes per week. Child 1 can choose 1 class, Child 2 can choose 2 classes, and Child 3 can choose 1 class). You have the opportunity to split those classes however you like between siblings.

Unlimited classes are PER STUDENT. They can take as many classes as they wish for $250/month per child.

  • 1 Class per week- $40/month per student
  • 2 Classes per week- $60/month per family
  • 3 classes per week- $80/month per family
  • 4 Classes per week- $100/month per family
  • Unlimited Classes per week- $250/month per student
  • After School $75 a week with Pickup and Classes


Registration Fee  $35

Drop In Classes are $15

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