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Ignyte’s Policies

You will find all our policies in our New Parent Packet. Download it Here


We have found that children adjust more easily to the childcare program if they attend regularly and also arrive and depart at the same time each day. Children who arrive significantly after 9:00a.m. miss the opportunity to ease into the morning with their peers and teachers on a common schedule. In addition, children arriving late may interrupt the flow and structure of the morning, which the teachers work hard to establish. Of course, we understand the common complications of daily life, but we appreciate every effort being made to have your child present by 9:00am each day of attendance. If your child has not arrived by 10:00a.m., we will assume he/she will not be attending for the day unless other was noted. Due to our scheduled nap time children may not be dropped off after 10:00am however you may drop off at 2:00pm if needed. It would be greatly appreciated if you could call the Center to let us know if your child will not be attending especially if he/she is sick.


Attendance is very important daily routine for every child. If your child will not be attending school (sick, visiting family…) please notify the school by 9:00am the day your child will be absent. We all come to care for each child in our center and worry when children are absent.

Cancellation Policy:

A two-week written notice and a meeting with the director is required if you are going to withdrawal your child from the childcare program. Voice message, emails, or verbal cancellations are not excepted. Payment is due for the two weeks whether or not your child attends during that time. All balances will be sent to collections and/or your scholarships provided. (VPK,4C, Etc.)

Late Pickup Policy:

Preschool hours: 7:00am-8:00am before care 8:00am-6:00pm School Day:
A fee will be charged for any child not picked up before the school’s regular closing time. This charge shall be $10.00 per child for the first 15 minutes and an additional $5.00 per child per 5-minute period thereafter. Fees for late pick-up are payable immediately; if not paid, the child will not be readmitted to the program. Consistent lateness will be cause for the child’s dismissal from school.


If your child does have an illness that requires medication, the following policy will be in place. No medicine will be dispensed except for diaper rash ointments. Many antibiotics and other medications can be administered 1 or 2 times per day. When visiting the doctor for your child’s illness, please request a medication that can be administered in the morning before child care and the evening after leaving child care.

Positive Guidance Policy

At Ignyte Performing Arts Learning Center we strive to maintain a loving and caring atmosphere. Children are encouraged to be responsible and to respect others. We also encourage positive redirection. Positive discipline teaches children where limits are set, how to maintain control of their bodies, and how to problem solve in the event of the conflict. Teachers use positive approaches to help the children to behave constructively, including:

  • Being actively involved with the children
  • Redirecting a child who is unsettled
  • Planning to prevent problems
  • Encouraging appropriate behavior
  • Maintaining consistent, clear rules
  • Encouraging the children to identify and verbalize their feelings
  • Planning appropriate activities for the children

If a child loses self-control, we may remove the child from the area with the other children to help him/her regain control and composure. We try to keep in close contact with parents to work out effective methods to help improve a child’s behavior. This may involve addressing any special needs that could be the cause of harmful or disruptive behavior. Children displaying chronic disruptive behavior which is upsetting to the physical or emotional well-being of another child may require the following actions:

  1. Parents of the child will be called in for a conference. We will discuss the issues and identify some possible solutions. A plan of action will be developed and agreed upon by the parents, staff, and Director.
  2. If the plan of action is not working, the parents will be called in for another meeting. We will discuss what is not working and develop another action plan.
  3. If no progress has been made towards solving the problematic behavior, the child may be suspended from care. This suspension may range in length from the rest of the day to indefinitely.

IGNYTE Performing Arts Learning Center DCF State Guidelines for Illness

For the welfare of all the children in the center, Ignyte Performing Arts Learning Center is required by the state to exclude a child from care if the following symptoms exist:

  • The child has an oral or rectal temperature of 100 degrees F or greater until 24 hours fever free.
  • Diarrhea, which is defined as an increase in number of stools compared to the child’s normal.
  • With increased and/or decreased stool water (24 hours Diarrhea free)
  • Vomiting in the previous 24 hours
  • Mouth sores associated with the inability to control his/her saliva
  • Rash with fever or behavior change
  • Infected eyes with discharge, until 48 hours after treatment started by a physician
  • Infestation (scabies, head lice, pinworm), until after first treatment with a medicated product.
  • Impetigo, until 24 hours after antibiotic treatment has begun.
  • Strep Throat, until 24 hours after medication started.
  • Chicken Pox, until one week after the onset of rash, or until all lesions have dried and crusted
  • Children needing individual one-on-one care
  • Lead teachers and/or director may turn away children brought to Ignite Performing Arts Learning Center who exhibit any of the required exclusion illnesses, so please have a reliable backup child care plan for the possibility your child may become sick.
  • Please do not mask your child’s symptoms with Tylenol or similar medication.
  • To control the spread of illnesses, contagious children must stay home. We want your child
  • Here at child care, but in order to protect all the children, we must take illness very seriously.

Thank you for complying with these policies.

You will find all our policies in our New Parent Packet. Download it Here

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